Monday, May 5, 2008

What's up with me

I've taken 18 temozolomide pills so far -- $4336.20 worth, not that I'm counting. The drugs side effects have been milder than advertised; some nausea and constipation, that's about it. My once luxuriant eyebrows are more like stubble now, but the gemzar/taxotere I took before starting temodar caused that. I may be losing more hair, but I lopped off my hair anticipating alopecia so it's hard to tell. I'll finish the temodar cycle over the next 24 days, and then we'll have the next dramatic, high-anxiety scan.


Meanwhile, I'm enjoying a bout of blessedly tedious health. My pneumothorax has either healed or become completely asymptomatic, and my blood counts have actually improved dramatically over the last couple of weeks, especially in terms of the red blood cells that are crucial for ferrying oxygen. I've hovered just above or below 10 for hemoglobin (13 or so is normal for me) for more than a year, and I'm now up to 12 something. Being able to, say, walk to the mailbox without bending over short of breath is a big improvement to my quality of life; I'm grateful for as long as it lasts. 

Now it's time for the Temodar to take a huge dent out of the epithelioid sarcoma.

Note: This was originally titled "Me Update," which read a little Cookie Monster for my taste.

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