Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I'm lucky, insurance-wise, but my doctor increasingly isn't. Shed no tears for Dr. S -- she's doing just fine -- but the red tape she and her assistants deal with is unbelievable and devours time that could be used, you know, to treat patients and research new cures for cancer. Frivolous stuff like that. 

Take pre-approval letters, of which I already had plenty. As of the beginning of the fiscal year, though, new preapproval (and rejection) letters have been lighting in my mailbox like flies. 

The latest, for a procedure which never before required pre-approval, is a classic:


American Imaging Management, Inc. ("AIM") provides utilization management service on behalf of Blue Cross and Blue Shield...

Translation: "We're hoping to stop you from managing to utilize our services."

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Elizabeth Munroz said...

Each state has it's own Insurance Regulation Board. Look at your state's webpage to find it. Might be under a different name. That department is not on the insurance companies side. They are there for patient's best interests. When dealing with a recalcitrant insurance company, call them and ask questions. Find out what your rights are and find out how to make a complaint.

Even if you are not ready to file an official complaint, let the insurance company know that you are in touch with the state insurance regulatory people. You would be surprised how accommodating they will become. They do not want to get on their s^!t list, even for a complaint that ends in resolution.