Monday, March 2, 2009

The wit and wisdom of a naughty girl (part 4 of a 586-part series)

Scenes of naughtiness:

Little T. rolls into the room, starts strutting around, and proclaims (loudly): "I'm strong and I'm CUTE!"
The front door blasts open, doorknob smashing into the hole in the adjacent wall (the Naughty Girl had a phase in which she enjoyed dismantling doorstops), and the NG blows in, clad in a wild pink-and-yellow Hanna Andersson winter coat and her calf-high pink Kamik winter boots. Without ceasing her blur of motion for an instant, she shucks off the coat, revealing her stark naked body (except, of course, for the pink boots). It is 12 degrees outside.
For some bizarre reason, I tell the Naughty Girl that I am the only daddy she has.
"No, I have another daddy!"
"Yeah, Poppa!"
Somewhat flummoxed (Poppa is her grandfather), I say, "Hmmm."

She takes advantage of the pause to add another thought: "But you're sick and Poppa's old!"
I think Little T. and the Tiny Art Director could be friends.

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