Monday, January 14, 2008

Where I'm Calling From

Please forgive the drama below. I'm trying to find some way to understand and encapsulate what I'm going through now as I approach another scary test. I've had a lot of practice waiting for results. But practice doesn't help. It is getting harder rather than easier to walk into the office, wait for the door to open, and try to read the doctor's face before she tells me the findings of the latest biopsyscanbloodtestMRI. She understands this and reveals the news quickly, as she was trained, usually before she even fully sits down, but I can still picture the lines on her forehead.


It's not all going to be like my first post. I'm not normally this overblown, even with cancer, and I don't want this space to just be about me ranting about how horrible and weird being sick is. I'm hoping to share some thoughts about epithelioid sarcoma that have helped me, in the hope that they may prove useful to other patients and their families. I want to link to some information about the disease that may be hard to find for people unfamiliar with PubMed. I'm hoping to tell some stories and make some observations about cancer that may be useful or interesting. I'll probably crack a few jokes. I also plan to eventually back up and tell some of the story about how I got to where I am right now, waiting for another damn test.

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