Thursday, April 3, 2008


My lungs, apparently, improved overnight, so I was deemed eligible to get a dose of gemcitabine and docetaxel. This is the last hit of my second cycle, and I was glad to get it in. Now we wait a week and scan to see how things are going.

After I finished chemo, L. and I went shopping. My glasses disappeared a month or so ago when I went into surgery, and I've been wearing a pair of frames I thought were very cool in 1999. Yes, I'm hitting on all cylinders, appearance-wise: weight loss has given me a skeletal mien, my hair is falling out, but it's all OK because I can't see myself that well with my geek-glasses. So we went shopping, which I normally hate.

But it turns out that while I say I hate shopping -- and I have all kinds of boring rants to prove it, from the irresponsible materialism of our culture to the luxuryification of previously mundane objects like blue jeans and clothes dryers (this really bothers me; not because I don't like diva large appliances, but because I do) -- I really, really like stuff , and if someone is willing and able to sell me that stuff with intelligence, insight, humor and civility, I actually don't mind shopping at all. It was painless, and I will soon have a nice pair of glasses, thanks to these folks. Best of all, the hospital is paying for them.

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