Wednesday, July 30, 2008

And no stepping on your brother's doughnut!

L. and I are going to start bringing it: The Obama house rules are coming to the Sick Guy residence...
1 - “No whining, arguing or annoying teasing,” says wife Michelle Obama.

2 - Make the bed. “Doesn’t have to look good-just throw the sheet over it,” she says.

3 - Set your own alarm clock. “They get themselves up, get their own clothes,” says Sasha and Malia’s grandmother Marian Robinson. “They’re very easy to take care of; there’s not much left for me to do!”

4 - Keep playroom toy closet clean.

5 - Allowance from dad for doing chores: $1 per week.

6 - No birthday or Christmas presents from mom and dad, who spend “hundreds” on birthday slumber parties and, as Barack puts it, “want to teach some limits.” Says Michelle: “Malia says, ‘I know there is a Santa because there’s no way you’d buy me all that stuff.’”

7 - Lights out at 8:30. “They got an extra half hour when they were ready to read on their own,” says Michelle.
Of course, things like this always sound good. As little T. approvingly told me the other day, quoting a friend of ours, "You'll get what you get, and you won't get upset." The context for saying this? Shortly after getting really upset over something she didn't get.

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