Thursday, April 16, 2009

Category: Sex

I'm only making things worse, and perhaps I've made a howler of a mistake in missing a common-to-others innuendo about the phrase "Card Blue" (along the lines of the whole "teabaggers" fiasco), but I learned why this blog is banned at our local hospital's wireless network, and presumably on Memorial Hospital's as well.

It is a sex blog.

If this is true, it must be the most boring, nonexplicit and depressing sex blog in planetary history. But what can I do? A computer program called "Websense" has officially dubbed me too hot to trot.

"Whisper it in my ear, baby.... epithelioid sarcoma."


Kathy said...

Gives new meaning to the term "Crazy Sexy Cancer" doesn't it? How funny. How's the placebo? I swear these pills taste like smarties.

Elsa D. said...

ih ih I thought of the same thing! So cancer is sexy after all. If it gives you any consolation I was not on the placebo and got kicked out of the trial. You might be on the placebo but hopefully you will stay. Good luck