Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A small pleasure

I checked into Sloan Kettering's urgent care center on March 12. That morning, though I was desperate to take a shower, I couldn't stand up, so I took a bath of sorts at the hotel. (It would have probably went better if the tub had a working drain.)

From there, what happened happened, until I finally a got a phone call from a thoracic nurse today. They had left the discharge section of my hospital orders blank and other stuff was on my mind, so I had been ignoring the wad of itchy tape on my chest. A few minutes talking with the nurse, though, I had permission to remove the tape (like a Brazilian wax, but... cruder) and take a shower. My first shower since the second week of March. I was wobbly, my skin was irritated from the tape, but actually getting clean for the first time in so long was a joy, another milestone in the journey back to being a real person.

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