Friday, May 8, 2009

Fear not, y'all!

Senator Arlen Specter is on the case.

The man with no friends -- Republicans, understandably, despise him and Democrats, understandably, mistrust him -- is going to beat cancer. In fact, he is going to build a bridge over the valley of death.

Feel better?

For years and years, billions of your tax dollars have paid for medical research. There have been great discoveries – actually, we learn more every day – but where are the cures?

Between scientific discoveries and treatments which help ailing Americans is what many researchers call a “valley of death”. People are suffering, even losing their lives, who need not.

Today, that starts to change. Senator Arlen Specter intends to build a bridge over the valley of death.

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Anonymous said...

I have to hand it to Arlen, shameless opportunist that he is, this is a pretty brilliant strategy. And he did stick seven or eight billion into the stimulus for med research, so maybe we should give him some credibility. On the other hand,he looks pretty much like a pseudo, totally untrustworthy "dem". And I liked Joe Sestak a lot on Rachel's show.