Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Public-service pills

I've been dealing with more pain for a couple of months now, with a significant spike even over the last couple of weeks. In the process of trying to find a combination of meds that will give me better relief, a couple of doctors have mentioned oxycontin. Quoting Amy Winehouse's words (but inverting her intent), I've been replying, "No! No! No!" 

But maybe I should soften that position in service of public health. 

Andrew Sullivan points to a write-up of a study that indicates that as the increased popularity of oxycontin, percocet, demerol, etc., cuts into the demand for heroin, there may be public health advantages, as prescription drug abusers don't typically inject drugs and usually acquire a fix by faking out doctors rather than engaging in street crime.
Why am I reticent? I believe in aggressively managing pain, but I also fear dependency, even though I know that I can kick. Perhaps more salient, I have had terrible luck with percocet (horrible itching) and extended-release morphine (headaches, vomiting). So right now I'm hanging in with diluadid, though I'll give the Big O a shot if the pain gets any worse.

By the way, I'm joking here -- at least about the "advantages" of prescription drug abuse. It's horrible.

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