Friday, February 6, 2009

T. is five!

In celebration of the Naughty Girl's birthday, I purchased some bacon to go along with her sausage and wrote the following for an audience of pre-schoolers, which hopefully justifies the prose style:




T's Mommy has gotten to tell her birth story at school every year since she was one. 

Now that she is five, and a preschool leader, and this is her last birth story at XXX, I thought I would tell the story I saw, because I was there, too, even though there was no T. in MY tummy, only old peanut butter sandwiches and cookies.

I knew T. was ready to be born because her mommy’s tummy was very big and she had to waddle like a duck when she walked and her back hurt so much she couldn’t sleep. The doctor told us it was almost time, too. But I was still surprised when T.'s mommy said that she had begun to leak water. (Before you are born, you are in the tummy in a warm water bath. When you are almost ready to be born, the water starts going down the drain.) The water sloshed and sloshed out, like juice jumping out of a too-full cup that you are trying to take upstairs. 

We were very excited. The doctor told us to come to the hospital, but we didn’t have to hurry. So we ate dinner with T.'s brother, who is also known as the B. Man, and we took B. Man to his friend’s house and we went to the hospital. When we got there, they checked T.'s mommy, but nothing happened for a long time except the sloshing and the dripping of the bathwater. We sat and sat and it got very late and we got a little bored. We had been so excited, but now it was the middle of the night and there was no T.! Just a leaky bathtub and wet towels!

The doctor told us that she would have to give us medicine to make T. come out in the morning. But after waiting so long, we decided to take the medicine a little early. We were impatient to meet her!

The medicine worked really, really well. There was a POP! And T.'s mommy’s body started rumbling to open up a door for T. to come out of! But the medicine they gave T.'s mommy to stop the owies didn’t work at all. They gave the wrong kind because that’s what the little doctor, who had never had a baby before, thought was best. I felt very bad that I was so excited and nervous I forgot what the good medicine was called. The owies got worse and worse and worse and we were angry with the silly little doctor, but there was nothing we could do. It looked like T.'s mommy got hit by a train. She was breathing hard and turned red and had to yell a lot and stuff.

I was scared that it would take a long time for T. to come out because she had been such a shy little baby, but her mommy actually pushed her out very quickly. Too quickly: She did in minutes what you normally do in hours, and hurt really really really badly. I even cried because it was hurting her so much. It seemed like forever until T.'s bald head poked on out of her mommy. When I first saw her face, I thought she looked like her Nana, because she was a little wrinkly. She also looked funny, because she had no clothes or PJs or ANYTHING! (We are all born naked, don’t laugh.) Then I thought she looked like her Mama because she was so beautiful. She was still hooked to her mommy with a big, stiff, purple body cord that went to her belly. I cut her loose with a big pair of scissors, as easy as cutting rope. And then she got cleaned up and wiped down and got her first blanket and hat and started to have a nice long nurse, and began to look like her own pretty self. 

A little later, when T.'s mommy started to hurt less, all she wanted to do was hug and cuddle and nurse the baby T. and hold her close, and that’s exactly what she’s done, ever since.

And hugging and cuddling baby T. was what I wanted to do, and what I have done, ever since.

And when I got up early in the morning and picked up the B. Man and took him to meet his little sister for the first time, all he wanted to do was hug and love her (and play with the automatic hospital bed), and that’s what HE has done, ever since.

And that’s one story of how T. was born.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy there will be sausage AND bacon. Happy Birthday, T!

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday,T. My child will be 5 in April and she loves bacon AND sausage too. Must be an 04 thing.