Monday, June 22, 2009

Quick hits

Some things that caught my eye recently:

The pristine white coat, that pressed symbol of a physician's authority? May spread MRSA and other nasty bugs. Ties could be bad news, also. Somewhere, my man Dr. Bow Tie is smiling.

Don't read this if you don't want to cry: A little girl dreams of seeing the Pixar movie Up years before its release, but she's too sick to go to the theatre when it finally comes out. The family calls Pixar to ask if they will grant her dying wish, and they quickly fly in a representative with a bag of toys from the movie, a poster and a DVD. I'm dead serious about the crying, by the way. This one hit me hard.

No link here, and I'm seven years late to the party (had to let the critical opinions coalesce, you know), but I have become obsessed with The Wire. A half-baked thought on the show's acting: People always say it's wonderful and I agree, but I've been asking myself why is the acting so wonderful. One factor, I think, is the character's voices; so many of them are deep and resonant, churning with rumbles and gravel, ready for late-night radio. The chorus makes a wonderful sound as it speaks words that ring true. And the guy playing the lead detective went to freakin' Eton for godsakes and had to spend a few weeks learning a plausible accent for a Baltimore detec. I love that.

The iPhone 3GS is very cool. Don't ask me how I know this; I just know. Happy Father's Day indeed.

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