Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sweet stability

After an overairconditioned train ride that featured a close-range, cringe-worthy incident between an odd woman and the conductor (Odd Woman, who is trying to strike up a conversation: "My mama was black... [after questioning] well, my governess was." Conductor, in a friendly tone: "Most people don't call their nanny 'Mama.'"), we finally got to the city, crashed and ate dinner. Then the scan, more unpleasant tests, and The Wait.

By about 3:15 in a doctor's appointment scheduled to start at 12:45, and a day that started at 8, we were told that the radiologist thought the tumors looked very slightly worse, the doctor thought they looked very slightly better, and collective verdict was stability for the purposes of the brivanib trial. So delighted to have another six weeks to let this thing work. One of the pneumos is a little better, the other is a little worse. So it wasn't howlingly great news, but I'm very pleased with it all the same. My pulse is back in the double-digits, anyway.

Now it's time for relaxation, friends, a nice dinner and some good sleep.


Anonymous said...

STABLE is the new AWESOME according to our friends and family out here in the NW
enjoy stable...we plan to!

Anonymous said...

Here's the little tear of relief I shed for you. Hoping for no more icebergs on the return trip.

Kathy said...

So happy for you! Enjoy the next six weeks!
As I'm still on placebo, I am especially nervous about this next scans results. I'm hoping I can keep stability going too.