Monday, June 22, 2009

Rumors of my...

I was going to make the Mark "Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated" Twain joke here, but I mostly decided against it since I myself am responsible for any rumors or concerns about my health.

A while back, I posted "long silences on cancer blogs are bad business," and I'm sorry to have worked that way myself. I'm fine -- well, fine-ish -- and the radio silence was the result of a lot of things... low-grade depression, the end of second grade (for my son, not me), my ongoing breathing troubles, a nice visit from my in-laws, feeling like I didn't have much new to say, etc.

I forgot that a lot of people read this who aren't in direct contact with me, and I'm sorry for any worries that my absence may have caused. If anything serious ever happens, L. has access to the blog's passwords and I'm sure she will post updates as warranted.

Thanks, everybody, for the notes and good wishes. I'm feeling a little better and much more motivated to start telling stories again. I'll even have news -- my next brivanib CT is on Thursday, so we're gearing up for the tough trip down to NYC on Wednesday. I'm trying to use my new... not sure what to call it... visual mantra?... to keep my anxiety in check. I'll say a little bit more about that soon.


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the update. Color me relieved. :)

CEC said...

Thanks for the updates. Thinking of you guys.