Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August 25 hospital post

Still waiting on release. I broke this out from the the main hospital update post to increase my post count make it more legible. Today's question: Heimlich or Pneumostat... Heimlich or Pneumostat? Super-medical-student W., who apparently risks a testicle if he even discusses medical recommendations to be made by the surgeon, suggests doing research on this crucial pre-release question myself. So I do. After perusing a "helpful guide to mobile chest tube drains," I find myself cold to the whole subject. The Pneumostat sounds better to me, but who knows. At least this time I will know how to use the thing, which I didn't the first first time I left the hospital. Making the plan will involve having an X-ray tomorrow morning and discussing things with the surgeon. Residents have opened hope of going home tomorrow, but I'm too smart to be fooled. Right? Riiiight??

In other news, my formerly shy son B. practically mauled departing guest G. in hopes of convincing her to stay longer. (At least that's what I hope he was doing.) Little T. just cried a little. They are so out there with their emotions, and I spend so much time bollixed up.

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