Friday, June 13, 2008

ES at Royal Marsden

This ancient article (Sarcoma, 2003) recently popped up on PubMed, probably because free full-text was recently added. It describes an excellent English hospital's experience with the disease concisely and understandably. Keep in mind that the series starts all the way back in 1978. 

Some findings: small tumors (3 cm or less here) offer better prognosis; distal limb locations offer better prognosis; age (younger being better) may be a prognostic factor (other studies contradict this); radiation helps prevent local recurrence after surgery.

The Marsden article may shed some light on when to combine radiation with wide excision, and may provide an interesting contrast with the recent University of Washington article I blogged in May

"Treatment of Epithelioid Sarcoma at Royal Marsden Hospital" is here.

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