Monday, December 22, 2008


My thoughts, arranged in alphabetical order by subject and including daily frequencies (with apologies to Nicholson Baker for shamelessly stealing his joke):

B., life-affirming love of (14 times)
B., annoying and draining nature of (4 times)
Cheese, tastiness of (1.3 times)
Christmas presents, paucity of (6 times)
Christmas presents, bankruptcy-inviting quantity of (4 times)
Death, mine (17 times)
Dogs, glory of (2 times)
Epithelioid sarcoma, treatments and solutions for (6 times)
Epithelioid sarcoma, shittiness and unfairness of (11 times)
Golden Bears, California (4 times)
Homework, hatred of (1 time)
House, disorder of (2 times)
House, beauty and coolness of (3 times)
Job, story of (.6 times)
Lakshmi, Padma (2.1 times)
L. (36 times)
Loss, as fundamental condition of life (12 times)
Marijuana, as possible coping mechanism (1.7 times)
Meaty braised olives, incredible glory of (1 time)
Obama, Barack (4 times)
Shouting (others), unpleasantness of (3 times)
Shouting (own), cathartic nature of (2 times)
T., life-affirming love of (14 times)
T., mystery of how she transformed from beautiful baby into psychotic, infuriating hell-child (5 times)
Tacos, fish (1 time)
Undergarments (women’s), lacy and slinky appeal thereof (1.5 times)
Vicodin, potential administration of (2.5 times)
Wittgenstein, Ludwig (.002 times)

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