Friday, August 28, 2009


I've let it get too late to say much of anything, but I can say that I left the hospital earlier today and it feels great. My legs are groaning from underuse -- I knew it would have been a good idea to walk some laps along the ward at some point instead of pitching myself to my knees with the utmost dignity trying to negotiate one step here -- but everything else is purring. I'm feeling like we did a really great thing for me by getting this tune-up, and I'm ready to start back getting into life. Part of re-entry included pizza from a nearby farm's wood-burning oven, eaten upstairs on a floor picnic with the kids. I highly recommend this for both therapeutic and gustatory reasons.

It probably seems implausible, but I'll have you know that I'm refraining (for now) from commenting on what I thought was a pretty juicy Kennedy article in today's Times. A good piece in the sense that it raises some interesting policy issues while offering some Doctors Behaving Badly-style color. For those who have read it, doesn't that guy from Duke sound bizarre? I also enjoyed the sniffy M.D. Anderson dude. Physician, heal thy ego.

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Anonymous said...

When your spirits and feelings of wellness--relatively speaking, of course--rise, I find that mine rise with you. Savor every last bite of the pizza and the floor picnic with your adorable kids.